Let us help you find the right technology to fit your individual business needs. We will work together with you and your team to find the right technology solution to keep you and your company moving forward into the future.

At Blue Squid Solutions, Inc. we offer a wide variety of technology based products that will increase your knowledge of your customers and help create additional revenue opportunities.

At Blue Squid Solutions we also consult with a variety of businesses from hospitality, to retail, to medical. Blue Squid Solutions, Inc. offers our customers an opportunity to train their staff on proper guest service skills to help retain the customer base. We also provide property and facility audits to help identify areas of opportunity throughout your hotel, store or office. Let us help your team take their service to new heights by giving them the tools they need to be empowered. 

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Additionally, we can help direct you in the emerging field of CRM and show how it can help simplify your day to day business while keeping track of customers, accounts, opportunities, sales and analytic reporting. It is our goal to help simplify your processes, so you can concentrate on more important things, like your customers.