Imagine customizable, revenue-driving flight information displays you can setup almost anywhere. Whether you target business travelers, leisure travelers or both, bringing more value to guests and keeping them longer in your hotel are keys to success. The microFIDS flight information system can help you do both.microFIDS.html
Way-Finding guides travelers, passengers or guests to a range of facilities inside airports, hotels, and convention centers. Travelers and guests can see how to find their airport gates or hotel conference rooms, saving time and frustration and is an outstanding way for airports and the hospitality industry to better serve their customers.microFIDS.html
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Guests are more demanding and selective than ever before requiring businesses to create dynamic Business Center environments. While away from home, guests need convenient and affordable access to the Internet for correspondence with the corporate office, document creation and keeping in touch with loved ones. Our Hotel Business Centers allow guests to gain easy access to the Internet and utilize services such as printing, scanning and faxing. Business_Centers.html
Businesses are looking for technology to expedite guest check-in, improve operational efficiencies, and protect assets from false chargeback claims and erroneous personal identification. We address these needs and more with Scan2PMS which instantly captures guest data from driver’s licenses, passports and IDs. Document_Scanners.html
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